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Our white papers explore key areas of Lanner’s expertise in developing and improving cutting-edge features for network computing applications.

Whitepaper: Lanner, Enea Build High Performance NFV uCPE for Small Offices

Companies integrate complete network functions virtualization infrastructure (NFVI) solution for small remote branch offices on low-cost Lanner Luna-D125 server powered by an Intel Atom® C2000 processor. Communications service providers (CommSPs) are looking at ways to lower their operating and capital expenses (OPEX/CAPEX) by delivering network services more efficiently. The disaggregation of hardware and software driven

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Lanner Video Streaming Tests Show Improved Latency Using MEC

Using Intel® processor–powered Lanner NCA-6210, company’s tests showed improvement in key latency metrics that reduced buffering time, image jitter, and frame loss Streaming video consumption is growing in popularity and communications service providers (CommSPs) want to differentiate their service with low-latency network functionality in order to deliver high-quality video. Augmented reality (AR) services are not

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TPM 2.0 Protected IIoT Security Gateway for Industrial Control Systems

To secure millions of Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) endpoints, controllers and gateways in complex environments, a comprehensive IIoT edge security platform should be equipped with hardware root of trust on each device, gateway and controller, with a mutual authentication between device and gateway as well as with a secured communication overlays design. Lanner partners

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DPI Performance Enhancement using Hyperscan and DPDK

Software pattern matching, compute intensive module, multi-core implementation, and hyper-threaded x86 architectures are an optimal and cost-efficient combination to boost network security performance. This paper showcases how Lanner’s all-new high performance 1U network appliance NCA-5710, powered by dual Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors, can improve its DPI performance with integrated accelerators like DPDK and Hyperscan technology.

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Whitepaper: Minimizing footprint to maximize uCPE value with Enea and Lanner

High Throughput, Low Footprint, and Low Latencies on Cost-effective uCPEs The emergence of lower-cost, high volume white boxes along with standardized software APIs increases supplier choice and reduces risks. In order to maximize profits, CSPs need to use the most cost effective solutions on the customer premise, and increasingly, they are using universal customer premise

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Whitepaper: 3 Intel® Tests Prove Lanner NCA-2510 a Highly Reliable vCPE Option for Telcos

As software-defined wide area network (SD-WAN) technology becomes more popular, communications service providers (CommSPs) want to expand their service offerings to include smaller remote offices. Low system costs for these locations are important, as is delivering line rate performance for deep packet inspection (DPI) and IPsec packet encryption/decryption and routing. Intel® Network Builders ecosystem member

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Whitepaper: Overcome 5 major challenges in large NFV and vCPE deployments

Achieve Carrier-grade performance and reliability while maintaining power-efficiency on commodity of-the-shelf (COTS) hardware Overcome 5 major challenges in large NFV and vCPE deployments. Delivering Carrier-grade reliability Meeting Performance Requirements Maximizing Performance per Watt Complexity in Management/Orchestration/Deployment Link Latency Whitepaper: Overcome 5 major challenges in large NFV and vCPE deployments was last modified: September 3rd, 2020 by

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Accelerate Open Application Development with Optimized Hardware Library and OpenNSL API Library

Disaggregation has been considered as the main concept of next-generation open network architecture. Recent trends of softwaredefined network (SDN) and network function virtualization (NFV) have performed successfully in bringing up open and interoperable elements into existing closed-architecture network. However, to reach the ultimate goal of “open” network, the importance of hardware should not be overlooked

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The 6th Generation Intel Core Processor to Redefine Video Streaming

According to recent researches, streaming videos have taken up a larger and larger share of the network traffic. It is predicted that videos may occupy almost 80 percent of the traffic at the time of this writing. That means, users of desktops, laptops and mobile devices are demanding higher quality of streaming videos. To address

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